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End-users & OEMs
GE Appliance, Research in Motion, GM, Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Dell Computers

Parlex, Bergquist, Valmark, PKG

Material Suppliers
3M, DuPont, Acheson, MacDermid

Our customers depend on us to test their products to ensure they produce the highest quality.

Our testing provides quality results so YOU can better plan the cost benefit and lifecycle(s) of your products.

Our clients are some of the biggest in the world.  They trust Lab Tech to test and maintain information crucial to their success throughout their product spectrum.

Lab Tech offers its clients a one-stop, full service laboratory for testing to Mil Stds, ISO/IEC, ASTM, UL Stds and other test methods.

  • 1-Cust-Dell
  • 10-Cust-Parlex
  • 11-Cust-PKG
  • 12-Cust-RIM
  • 13-Cust-UL
  • 14-Cust-Valmark
  • 15-Cust-Toro
  • 16-Cust-Carling
  • 2-Cust-DuPont
  • 3-Cust-Bergquist
  • 4-Cust-MacDermid
  • 5-Cust-CallRep
  • 6-Cust-CustSvs
  • 7-Cust-GE
  • 8-Cust-GM
  • 9-Cust-3M
We Conduct Testing For All of Your Electronic Switching Needs
Uniqueness in our ability and diversity in our appeal are
what sets Lab Tech apart from other test facilities.

1145 South 48th Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Specialist In Interface Testing